About Srika Counselling Club

Hello, my name is Dr. P. Subha Rani. I hold a Master’s degree in Mental Health  and psychiatric nursing PhD  in marital disputes and personality assessment, (Practitioner CBT, Life Skills and Personality Development) I counselled numerous spouses and successfully reunited them to lead happy lives. In addition to marital disputes, I specialized in counselling individuals experiencing various psychiatric issues, such as addiction, relationship breakups, and premarital and marital issues. I have over 7 years of experience in counselling and over 15 years of teaching experience, helping individuals develop the necessary skills to overcome life’s challenges. Over the years, I have published many research papers and case studies in indexed journals, sharing my expertise and contributing to the scientific community globally.


Srika means bright light that gives direction.  It evolved with the purpose of  providing direction  to promote mental well being in people’s life.

Why We Are

The Driving Force – Mental health is given importance which helps the individual to maintain the balance, keep moving towards day today’s challenges. There is a huge need for the promotion and maintenance of mental health. Approach to counselling, doesn’t mean that it’s a mental illness. Due to this stigma, people hesitate to come forward for professional counselling though they suffer various issues like work stress, family issues, low confidence, sadness  and so on.