Feeling of fear or unease situation is common in life. Counselling sessions are planned, addressed to relieve the fear and anxiety.


If you might feel anxious when faced with a difficult problem at work, before taking a test, or before making an important decision. Counselling sessions are planned, addressed to relieve the anxiety.


 Feelings of low, sad, loss of interest in our daily activities, worthlessness  are the signs of    depression. It needs both consultation and counselling. Mild depression is counselled psychologically.


Here the person will do things many times and keep thinking about the same thing to do. Counselling will help them to avoid repetition by removing the fear from mind.


Is unable to control the desire or strong need to do something which is harmful. People are nowadays addicted to different things like substances, gadgets, internet etc. The reason behind is  poor self control or motivation. Here the self motivation will be ensured by professional counselling.

Psychosis and neurosis

These are  two major and minor mental illnesses which will affect the whole person. Along with medicines psychological interventions are essential for the patients. In Srika the basic counselling on  how to support the persons are intervened.

Sexual Issues

Sexual life is the basic need to the overall health and well being  of the people. We are creating awareness  and campaign on healthy sexual life counselling for the needed clients.

Counselling Charges :

Other Countries – $199 to $299 (Per Session / Person)

LGBTQIA friendly

Srika counselling club  has the friendly approach towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual.

Other Countries :
Premium Plan – $185 (50 Minutes)
Individual – $120( Per Session )
For Couples – $150( Per Session )

Child Psychology

In day today life children are also facing too much pressures in their  life. Due to poor communication and interaction children may not be expressive. This leads  psychological inhibition for the children. In Srika Counselling  Club child psychological issues are identified like fear, communication skills, low feeling, personality development, poor scholastic performances and interventions would be focused.

Counselling Charges :

Other Countries :
Therapy – $215 (45 – 50 Minutes)
Intro Session – $300( Per hour )